French Riviera and Brice Feillu

From 23 to 28 march 2021 :

Enjoy a cycling trip in privileged conditions, full board, under the sun of the Estérel Côte d’Azur and accompanied by :

  • The local cycling champion Brice FEILLU (7 participations in the Tour de France, winner of a stage and 11 years as a professional cyclist until the end of 2019)
  • Denis Leproux, former professional cyclist and sports director at the highest level.

Alongside Brice and Denis, you will travel the training routes of the stage winner of the Tour 2009 in a splendid landscape, on all types of terrain, flat by the sea and more rugged in the hinterland.

You will be dazzled by the colors of Estérel Côte d’Azur, between the red rocks of Estérel to the east, the black slopes of the Maures to the west, the blue of the sea to the south, the green hills of the hinterland in the north, and, above all, the azure of an insolent sky more than 300 days a year.

Questions ? Contact us by mail at or by phone at +33 (0)6 65 55 49 25.

COVID-19 INFO :Full refund in case of cancellation due to the epidemic

Participating in a Cparty Bike Experience cycling trip is not just about pedaling on beautiful secure routes through superb landscapes.

On this cycling trip, it’s also :

  • Learn and progress alongside your qualified coach Denis Leproux but also Brice Feillu, who will adapt to individual levels and expectations.
  • Benefit from advices during themed conferences (Cycling techniques, training and recovery, diet and nutrition advice, choice and maintenance of equipment, …)
  • Discuss freely with Brice FEILLU during 2 bike rides in his company and a convivial evening.
  • Benefit from a private tour of the equipment manufacturer Ekoï and the exclusive presentation of the products used by the pros.
  • Have fun in and friendly atmosphere.
  • Routes designed to be able to make cuts and adapt distances and elevations to individual levels.
  • To be pampered :
    • Expert staff at your service (often from professional teams)
    • Preparation of bicycles, cans, and supplies every morning
    • Following vehicle assistance
    • Basic mechanics
    • Washing of cycling clothing
    • Recovery massages at the L’Orose institute of Maud BOUET, Brice FEILLU’s wife (optional)
    • Full board in holiday club ***
  • But also the supply of :
    • 1 short sleeve jersey
    • 1 complete roadbook and GPS tracks
    • 2 cans and energy drinks
    • 1 guide to activities and hiking routes for accompanying persons

From a predefined program, we will adapt the distances and height differences to the sporting levels of each one (cuts are possible). We will organize a briefing / debriefing each end of day with your coach Denis LEPROUX in order to best adapt to your expectations.

You will be accommodated in full board in the nice holiday club *** MILEADE in Roquebrune-Sur-Argens.

Non-rolling companions are welcome! The bike rides will take place in the morning so that you can have lunch and spend your afternoons together.

You will be provided with a guide to the activities, visits and hiking routes available on site.

You can also book optional massage therapy and reflexology treatments at the L’Orose institute of Maud BOUET, Brice FEILLU’s wife.

The rates for the cycling stay include :​

The rates for the cycling tour do not include :

The possible options :

The + Cparty Bike Experience :

  • Small groups of levels

  • A program adapted to the levels and objectives of the participants

  • Supervision by cycling champions

  • A stay on the theme of pleasure and conviviality

  • A program adapted for accompanying non-cyclists

  • The guarantees of an approved travel agency

  • Cycling tour in privileged conditions like a pro

Programme complet

  • A partir de 16h : Clés des chambres disponibles à la réception du club vacances Miléade *** à Roquebrune-Sur-Argens.

  • 18h : Accueil, présentation du personnel encadrant 
  • Explication détaillée du stage, remise du roadbook et du maillot.
  • Briefing
  • Pot d’accueil
  • Dîner
  • 1ère sortie vélo dans le massif des Maures pour évaluer les niveaux de chacun.
  • 1 circuit avec 1 coupure possible :
    1. 90km D+ 1379m
    2. ou 68km D+872m
  • Déjeuner à l’hôtel
  • Après-midi libre
  • Debriefing/briefing et conseils sur les techniques à vélo et la sécurité.
  • Dîner
  • Sortie à vélo dans le Pays de Fayence
  • 1 circuit avec 3 coupures possibles :
    1. 123km D+ 2208m
    2. ou 113km D+1894m
    3. ou 96km D+1467m
    4. ou 79km D+1124m
  • Déjeuner à l’hôtel
  • Après-midi libre
  • Visite du nouveau showroom de l’équipementier Ekoï
  • Debriefing/briefing et conseils diététiques/entrainement/récupération
  • Dîner
  • Sortie vélo autour du golf de Saint-Tropez
  • 1 circuit avec 2 coupures possibles :
    1. 101km D+ 1026m
    2. ou 90km D+786m
    3. ou 77km D+454m
  • Déjeuner à l’hôtel
  • Après-midi libre
  • Debriefing/briefing, rencontre et discusssion libre avec Brice FEILLU
  • Dîner
  • Sortie à vélo dans le massif de l’Estérel et retour sur la corniche d’Or.
  • 1 circuit avec 2 coupures possibles :
    1. 99km D+ 1133m
    2. ou 91km D+831m
    3. ou 76km D+686m
  • Déjeuner à l’hôtel
  • Après-midi libre
  • Debriefing/briefing et conseils pour bien choisir et entretenir son matériel
  • Dîner
  • Sortie vélo courte vers Draguignan
  • 1 circuit avec 2 coupures possibles :
    1. 75km D+1240m
    2. ou 61km D+805m
    3. ou 54km D+769m
  • Déjeuner à l’hôtel
  • Fin du séjour

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