Ladies cycling trip under the Costa Blanca sun

Whatever your sporting level, experience a 100% women cycling course under the Spanish sun of the Costa Blanca.

INFO COVID-19 : Full refund in case of cancellation due to the epidemic

Participating in a Cparty Bike Experience cycling stay is not only riding on beautiful and safe roads through superb landscapes.

On this women cycling trip, it is also:

  • Learn and progress alongside your graduated cycling coach, who will adapt to individual levels and expectations.
  • Benefit from advices during themed conferences (diet and hydration, choice and maintenance of equipment and clothing, training, techniques on the bike, …)
  • Have fun in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Routes designed to be able to make cuts and adapt distances and elevations to individual levels.
  • Be pampered like a professional rider :
    • Expert staff (often from professional teams) at your service
    • Supply to your size of a high-end bike (optional)
    • Preparation of bicycles, bottles, and “homemade” supplies every morning
    • Following vehicle assistance
    • Basic mechanics
    • Washing of cycling clothing
    • Recovery massages (optional)
    • Full board in a **** hotel designed for cyclists and used to hosting the biggest professional cycling teams.
  • But also the supply of :
    • 1 short sleeve jersey
    • 1 complete roadbook and GPS tracks
    • 2 bottles and energy drinks
    • 1 guide to activities and hiking routes for accompanying persons

From a predefined program, we will adapt the distances and height differences to the athletic levels of each. We will organize a briefing / debriefing at the end of each day with your coach Denis LEPROUX in order to best adapt to your expectations.

You will stay in Altea, a seaside resort on the Costa Blanca very popular with professional cycling teams, a winter paradise for cyclists with ideal temperatures and almost permanent sunshine, beautiful uncrowded roads offering flat or mountainous profiles, and optimal reception conditions.

Non-riding companions are welcome! The bike rides will take place in the morning so that you can have lunch and spend all your afternoons together. You will be provided with a guide to the activities and hiking routes available on site.

You will be accommodated in full board in a **** hotel well known by professional cycling teams, just near the beach, and you will have access to its cycling center, swimming pool and fitness room.

The rates for the cycling stay include :​

The rates for the cycling tour do not include :

The possible options :

The + Cparty Bike Experience :

  • Small groups of levels

  • A program adapted to the levels and objectives of the participants

  • Supervision by cycling champions

  • A stay on the theme of pleasure and conviviality

  • A program adapted for accompanying non-cyclists

  • The guarantees of an approved travel agency

  • Cycling tour in privileged conditions like a pro

Programme complet

  • From 4 pm: Room keys available at the reception of the **** hotel Cap Negret in ALTEA (Spain).
  • 6 p.m. : Welcome, presentation, supervisory staff
  • Detailed explanation of the stay, delivery of the roadbook, jersey, and bike (if rental)
  • Briefing
  • Welcome drink and group photo
  • Dinner
  • 1st bike ride to test the levels of each
  • 1 circuit with 2 possible cuts :
    1. 77km D+ 1022m
    2. or 59km D+633m
    3. or 48km D+603m
  • Lunch at the hotel
  • Free afternoon
  • Debriefing / briefing and advice on how to pedal well in a group
  • Dinner
  • Bike ride / relay work by the sea and climb of first passes.
  • 1 circuit with 3 possible cuts :
    1. 90km D+ 1544m
    2. or 79km D+1207m
    3. or 66km D+893m
    4. or 48km D+893m
  • Lunch at the hotel
  • Free afternoon
  • Debriefing / briefing and advices on choosing the right equipment
  • Dinner
  • Recovery bike ride
  • 1 circuit with 2 possibles cuts :
    1. 73km D+ 1010m
    2. or 55km D+806m
    3. or 48km D+636m
  • Lunch at the hotel
  • Free afternoon or optional activities
  • Recovery massage session (optional)
  • Debriefing / briefing and advice on how to tackle the ascent and descent of a pass
  • Dinner
  • Cycling trip to the Guadalest lake.
  • 1 circuit with 3 possible cuts :
    1. 90km D+ 2021m
    2. or 73km D+1454m
    3. or 59km D+1092m
    4. or 48km D+843m
  • Lunch at the hotel
  • Free afternoon
  • Debriefing / briefing and dietary advices
  • Dinner
  • Bike trip in the mountainous hinterland and return to the seaside.
  • 1 circuit with 3 possible cuts :
    1. 85km D+ 1554m
    2. or 75km D+1334m
    3. or 64km D+1136m
    4. or 57km D+1076m
  • Lunch at the hotel
  • Free afternoon
  • Debriefing / briefing and discussions on a free theme
  • Dinner
  • Possibility of a short bike ride
  • 1 circuit with 2 possible cuts :
    1. 64km D+ 934m
    2. or 57km D+755m
    3. or 50km D+542m
  • Lunch at the hotel
  • End of stay

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