North Brittany Experience

Cycling course / all levels : from 12 to 17 July 2022 :

Brittany is definitely a land of cycling and an ideal playground for all cyclists. It is also a first choice tourist destination. We will take you on our little frequented roads of North Brittany where you will discover extraordinary landscapes.

Accompanied by Pascal Campion from Brest, ex-pro winner of the 1984 Tour d’Armor in front of Bernard Hinault, you will cross Brittany from East to West, from Lamballe to Brest, following the most beautiful North Breton coasts.

You will leave your vehicle safely in Lamballe on the first day and return by train on the last day from Brest to Lamballe. For the return trip, we will take care of transporting your bike and luggage to your vehicle.

On the program, 5 days of cycling through the magnificent landscapes of Northern Brittany, from the Emerald Coast to the Legends Coast, through the Goëlo Coast and the Pink Granite Coast, but also personalized thematic workshops to learn and progress alongside experienced coaches, the intervention and accompaniment of experts in recovery and nutrition to link these 5 days without difficulties, all supervised and secured by an expert staff with care.


Our expert staff will offer you a 4 star service:

  • Assistance vehicle
  • Luggage transfer
  • Provision of high quality recovery equipment
  • Solid and liquid supplies
  • Preparation of bikes and water bottles
  • Washing of the cyclists’ clothes
  • Basic mechanics
  • Photos and video souvenir

Main objective : pleasure and conviviality

You will be accommodated in full board in ** and *** hotels where you will also enjoy the excellent local gastronomy.

Any questions? Afraid of not being at the right level?

Let’s talk about it by email at or by phone at +33 (0)6 65 55 49 25.9 25.

You will learn and progress alongside your coaches who will adapt to the levels and expectations of each.

In order to offer a quality service and to be available and attentive to everyone’s expectations, we limit the number of participants to 15 cyclists.

In order to adapt to your needs, we will organize a daily briefing/debriefing and adapt the routes according to the level of each participant.

At the end of each day, our expert coaches will answer your questions and give you their advice and tips during friendly thematic conferences (cycling techniques, training and recovery, sports nutrition, choice and maintenance of equipment, etc.)

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  • Smaller groups and levels
  • A program adapted to the level and objectives of the participants
  • Supervision by cycling champions
  • A stay on the theme of pleasure and conviviality
  • A stay in privileged conditions, like a pro
  • A program adapted for non-cyclists
  • The guarantees of an approved travel agency


complete program

The courses are designed to be able to make cuts and adapt the distances and changes in altitude to the level of each person.

  • From 4pm : Room keys available at the reception of the Hotel ** Le Lion d’Or in Lamballe

  • 6:00 p.m. : Welcome meeting and handover of equipment
  • 7:30 pm : welcome drink
  • 20h : dinner
  • 9am: Supervised and secured bike ride:
    Maxi 96km / 1069m D+.
    Mini 69km / 729m D+ (4.5 miles)
  • 12h30 : picnic lunch overlooking the bay of Saint-Brieuc
  • 2:30 pm : return to the hotel Le Lion d’Or in Lamballe
  • Free afternoon
  • Evening: Debriefing/briefing and thematic conference
  • Dinner

  • 9am: Supervised and secured bike ride:
    Maxi 105km / 1077m D+.
    Mini 69km / 638m D+ (4.5 miles)
  • 12:45 : picnic lunch overlooking the bay of Paimpol
  • 3pm : arrival at the Ibis *** hotel in Guingamp
  • Free afternoon
  • Evening: Debriefing/briefing then thematic conference
  • Dînner
  • 9am: Supervised and secured bike ride:
    Maxi 97km / 1056m D+.
    Mini 67km / 801m D+
  • 12h45 : picnic lunch on the Pink Granite Coast
  • 15h : arrival at the Ibis *** hotel in Lannion
  • Afternoon free 
  • Evening : Debriefing/briefing then thematic conference
  • Dinner
  • 9am: Supervised and secured bike ride:
    Maxi 90km / 1080m D+.
    Mini 70km / 845m D+
  • 12h30 : picnic lunch overlooking the bay of Morlaix
  • 3pm : arrival at the Brit-hotel *** in Landivisiau
  • Afternoon free
  • Evening : Debriefing/briefing then thematic conference
  • Dinner
  • 8:30 am: Supervised and secured bike ride:
    Maxi 84km / 672m D+.
    Mini 59km / 535m D+
  • 12h30 : showers at the Marina de Brest
  • 1pm : lunch at the restaurant on the port of Brest
  • 3 pm – 4pm: : train Brest-Lamballe (we take care of transporting your bike and luggage in our vehicles)
    End of your stay

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